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There are times where you have hectic schedules that you had to reject your boy’s invitation for a baseball match in the baseball court down town. Or did you just miss your son’s baseball match today because you totally forgot about it? You can make it up with him by learning how to build a pitching mound, and build one right in your own backyard. Your child will have the chance to practice on a pitching mound that has the same measurements with one he’s going to play on during the league. Furthermore, by owning your own pitching mound, you can practice throwing the mound with your son anytime when you are free.

Obtain the measurements of a live game’s pitching mound and build one accordingly. Normally, the diameter of it is 18 feet. Find a suitable spot in your backyard and make sure that the land is level. You will need materials like a rubber mat, sand, clay, and silt.

Pitching Mound How to Build a Pitching Mound

Draw the outline of the pitching mound. To build the pitching mound, you will need to put on inch-thick layers of sand mixture at a time. Mix an equal amount of sand and clay in a container before you divide the mixture into equal parts. Lay out the first layer of mixture on the outline and use a roller to press down the soil until it is firm. Place a stake at the front point of the outline and tie a string to it. Tie the other end of the string to another stake that is placed at the end point where it measures 17 inches from the front point. Add on another layer of soil mixture to the base and apply pressure so that the layers are flattened to 1 inch per layer.

Proceed to the next layer by moving the stake at the end point one inch to the middle. You will need to tamp the layers of mixture each time you lay them down.  Add on only one inch at a time until the pitching mound is 10 inches away from the ground.

For the final layer, measure 10 feet 6 inches from the front point and place a stake there. Then, measure 5 feet to the back of the mound and place another stake there. On the top layer, place four stakes to the left edge and another four stakes to the right edge. Lay out sand mixture of half an inch thick and use roller to press until the soil is firm. You should now have a plateau that is 10.5” from the ground with a width of 5’. In the centre point of the pitching mound, place a stake. Measure 2” from the front point and mark the point with another stake. Place the rubber mat 2” from the front point and roll it to the centre stake.

In a nutshell, this is fundamentally how to build a pitching mound.

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