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Anyone who’s even remotely interested in medieval warfare would surely be interested in knowing how things like giant catapults were built and used. While it may not be possible for all enthusiasts to possess the space and budget to build a full-sized catapult, you can still learn how to build a catapult on a miniature scale with materials available from the hardware or stationery store.

The first section to be constructed is the frame of the catapult itself. This is done by attaching a piece of wood measuring up to 12 inches in length and an inch wide to a second, shorter piece of wood measuring up to 6 inches long and an inch wide. The ends of the shorter stick should be shaved at 45-degree angles. The sticks can be screwed, nailed or glued together so that they form a slanted L-shape with a 45-degree angle. Another 6-inch long stick with square ends is attached to the first two sticks to form one side of the frame. What you’re looking for is something shaped like the letter “A”. The second side of the frame is fashioned in the same way. If you used glue to attach the sticks, allow it to dry before proceeding.

Catapult How to Build a Catapult

Now, connect one of the uncut sticks to the long stick and the 45-degree-cut stick. The end of this stick should be placed squarely with the long stick so that it can stand. This would now form some thing like a letter “A” on its side.

The frame is assembled by attaching one 6-inch stick to the ends of the 12-inch sticks to connect them, connecting the two 6-inch sticks 45-degree angle-ended sticks with another 6-inch stick, and doing the same with the square-ended 6-inch sticks, which form the upright portion of the frame.

The next part of learning how to build a catapult is to make the launcher. The launcher is the made with one 12-inch stick that has had a hole made in one end, about 3 inches from the end. This hole needs to be slightly wider than the 6-inch metal rod to be used later. A small screw hook, about one centimeter in size is screwed to the other end of the stick about 2 inches from the end. The container or basket that holds your ammunition is to be attached on the other side of the stick, nearer to the end.

Build Catapult How to Build a Catapult

The launcher is connected to the frame with the metal rod mentioned earlier. It is inserted into the hole made 3 inches down the stick and braced against the upright posts with some tape to keep it in position. A second screw hook is fastened to the base of the frame and in alignment with the first hook. A rubber band can then be stretched between the two hooks and released to launch the catapult.

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