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Also called go-cart or simply cart, a wooden go-kart is a vehicle that is not self-propelled. It has to be pushed forward. The steering mechanism is exceeding simple; either the driver uses his feet to steer the vehicle or the front axle is rotated with the help of rope to change the direction. All in all, a go-cart literally means loads of fun, not just for kids, but also for adults. With the right set of tools and materials, the cart can easily be made. Here is a step by step procedure to build a go-kart of wood.

The first step is to collect appropriate tools and materials for the project. The tools that will be needed are hammer, spanner, hand saw, electric drill, metal hacksaw and measuring tape. The materials that will be required for the project are 3’’ x 4’’ wood plank, 1’’ x 4’’ lumber, 4-spoked wheels, 15mm round metallic bar, 2’’ and 5’’ round nails, washers, bolts, nuts and split pins. The hardest part of material collection is to find spoked wheels. They can be obtained from old prams and small bicycles.

Wooden Go Kart How to Build a Wooden Go Kart

A standard go-kart is 1.2m in length and 0.7m in width. The dimensions are completely alterable. The height of the cart depends upon the diameter of the wheel. Wheels of 270mm diameter are considered to be ideal. The front axle moves left and right, and can easily be controlled by the rope attached to its either end.

The first thing that should be made is the main chassis. It should be of dimensions 1250mm x 75mm x 100mm. The length of the chassis is not critical, but it should certainly allow the front axle to move freely without hitting the seating area. The front and rear axle are embedded in the axle cover, which is 550mm in length, 75mm in depth and 100mm in width. A 15mm x 15mm groove is made in the cover in which the 15mm axle is perfectly accommodated. The front support cover together with the axle is attached to the main chassis by 12mm bolt. The bolt is not over-tightened so as to allow the axle to move freely left and right.

Wooden Go Kart 1 How to Build a Wooden Go Kart

In the metal axle four holes are drilled. The two holes in the middle are 400mm apart and they help the axle to be securely affixed to the wooden cover. The remaining two holes are at the end for the split pins. These pins keep the washers and wheels in place. To ensure that the wheels stay in place, insert a washer first on the axle followed by the wheel and another washer. Lastly the split pin is placed in the hole. Do remember to apply grease in the region where the wheel moves. This will prevent wear and tear. The rear axle is attached to the chassis with the help of round nails. The last thing that has to be made and assembled is the seat of the cart. Once that is done the wooden go-kart is ready for use.

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