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One of the most important sections of any building is the roof. Roofs keep energy in and rain and weather out, therefore constructing them properly is extremely important. There are several of different roof designs to choose from depending on the type of building you have and climatic conditions. You will need to do some tutorials in the basics of construction, slating, felting, battening and installing the whole thing into place before you begin.

You will need basic hand tools as follows: claw and framing hammers, tape measure, hacksaw and wood saws, level, combination square, wrenches, ladders, felt tip pens and pencils, nail gun, chisel, tin snips, caulking gun, blue prints and nail sets.

Build Roof1 How to Build a Roof

Step One:

First of all, check to make sure that the rafter ends are in the correct position. For the ends to be correct the walls must be parallel to each other. Install the sheets properly from the base to the top. If they are not, raise them in four inch increments, carefully dividing the last roof sheet for easy placement. Place the mark for the sheeting parallel to the rafters. Be aware of the local codes. They will be an excellent guide to where you should place the nails.

Step two:

Never secure the rafters at the edges of the roof until the adjoining sheets have been nailed. This will allow you to move the location of the rafters if you need to. Stagger the joints of the roof sheathing for the different courses. Now divide a part into two parts so that you can utilize these as roof sheaths.

Roof How to Build a Roof

Step Three:

Now use metal clips to strengthen your work. Check your work every so often to make sure that everything is lined up properly, and check each slope individually. You can cover your roof with weather protection, such as shingles, tar or tile. Remember to keep in mind the weight of the materials and how it will affect the strength of the roof.

Now you have a roof that will protect you home and last for many years to come.

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