There are many types of inhabitations that you can build on snow and they are commonly known as igloo. However, the common perception that everyone has of what seems to be an igloo is a dome-shaped structure built from snow (more specifically snow blocks). In the cold and harsh climates of snow, having an igloo helps to keep you insulated from the frosty conditions outside. When built correctly, it can retain temperature ranging between -7 degrees Celsius to 16 degrees Celsius, even when the temperature outside may be as low as 40 degrees Celsius. However, take note that building a good structure takes time and energy. If possible, always get help from others so that you can complete the building sooner. Here are some ways on how to build an igloo.

(1) Make even-sized blocks. To do so, you can construct a mold made up of boards. You can also use any rectangular-shaped items with no bottom or top (so that you can fill the blocks with ice). If the height of your snow house is no more than 7 feet, then blocks measuring 6 inches will be just nice.

How to Build Igloo How to Build an Igloo

(2) You will need an even space on the ground. Mark out a symmetrical round shape. The snow beneath should be at least 3 feet deep so that you can dig down and secure the structure after it’s completed. Packed snow makes strong and heavy bricks. Place the mold on a level surface board and pack it with snow. Use some water if necessary. If there are two persons involved in the building, one person can form the bricks while the other builds the snow house. Bricks are then stacked around the circle drawn earlier on. Unlike normal building, you have no mortar to fill in the crevices and gaps. Therefore, use some loose snow to bind the blocks together.

(3) Stack the subsequent rows above the first brick layer, placing them above the joints of the ones beneath. You will also need to move the bricks in slightly in every layer so that the walls will curve inwards. Towards the end of the building, one person should be inside the house to ensure the formation of an inward slant.

Igloo 1 How to Build an Igloo

(4) Use a cap brick slightly larger than the hole on top and place it inside the hole of the dome structure. You can now smooth the inner wall of the structure. Create an entrance for you to move in and out.

To strengthen the structure, drip some water over the ice before you sleep. The above are steps on how to build an igloo. It may take time to build but it is a worthwhile process because you get to use the structure for quite sometime after that.

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