During the medieval times, trebuchet was used to hurl stones and boulders on the castle walls. Nowadays, these weapons are made just to have some fun. Here is a stepwise procedure to build a tabletop trebuchet.

  • The first thing that is needed is a long piece of wood. Cut the plank into 8 pieces in such a manner that one piece is the longest, one pair is slightly shorter than the longest one, one pair a few inches shorter than the first pair and the remaining three pieces are of the same size.
  • Take a square piece of wood, and cut it along the diagonal to obtain two equal sized triangles.
  • Take one piece of wood from each pair and affix them on to the longest piece such that they are at ¾ length of the longer piece. Fix the second pair in the similar manner.

Trebuchet How to Build a Trebuchet

  • To the attachment just made, fasten the triangle in such a manner that the slanting side of the triangle is towards the longer side. Affix the other triangle in the same way to the other attachment. When all the arms and triangles have been fixed properly a rectangular setup would be obtained. The third arm has to be attached at the point where the base and the upright arms meet.
  • Affix all the pieces of wood properly with the help of nails. Mark the position of the holes for the axle in the upright arms.
  • The cylindrical metal rod is ideal for the axle. The length of the axle should be equal to the distance between the two upright arms.
  • For making the swinging arm, drill three holes on the longest piece of wood. The first hole is at a point that is approximately ¼ the total length of the piece. The remaining two holes are about 2-inches away from the first hole.
  • Insert the axle in any one hole and near the holes fix a hook for the counterweight. On the opposite side fix a nail, cut its head and bend it to form a loop. Away from the nail on the same side fix another hook. On this hook the projectile would be fastened.
  • For the counterweight, clay or discharged batteries can be used. Use tape and plastic to wrap the counterweight and hang it to the hook with a piece of yarn.

Trebuchet 1 How to Build a Trebuchet

  • Take two pieces of yarn that are 20-inches in length. Tie one end of the rectangular fabric with one length and the other end of the fabric with the other yarn length. The middle portion of the fabric is left as such to hold the projectile.
  • A small piece of metal wire is twisted to form a loop and this is tied to the free end of the yarn. The loop is placed over the bent nail. The free end of the other yarn is tied to the hook on the swinging arm.

With this step, the trebuchet is ready for use. All that needs to be done is to load the projectile and release the swinging arm.

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