Building a trailer is certainly not an easy proposition. In addition to superlative mechanical skills, outstanding planning skills are also required. A trailer kit makes things relatively easy. All one has to be concerned about is the size and design. Simple instructions have to be followed and different parts have to be put together. However, all the perspectives change when the trailer has to be built from a scratch. The design has to be chosen, blue print has to be created, tools and materials have to be collected, and so many other things have to be planned and done. Here is a stepwise procedure to build a trailer with ease.

The first things that have to be taken into account are the type and size of the trailer. The utility trailer can be flat bed or enclosed or small or large. The size will depend upon the load of the bed, towing tongue dimensions and the distance between the wheels. The next important point that has to be taken into consideration is the purpose for which the trailer would be used and the total weight it would carry. This is a crucial issue which shouldn’t be overlooked because the axle size and the kind of suspension needed depend upon this decisive factor.

Build a Trailer How to Build a Trailer

The motor vehicle that will tow the utility trailer will determine the height at which the tongue should be set and position of the centre of gravity. At this point of time, the tongue weight should also be calculated. At the planning stage, the materials should also be selected. The building materials should be strong, resilient and durable. As far as the tools are concerned, they can either be bought or brought on rent. Some important tools that would be needed are welding machine, grinder, clamps, axle stands and drill.

There are some parts, as axle kit, wheels, tires, lighting, wiring loom, towing latch and hitch, that cannot be built and so they have to be purchased from the market. While buying such parts, it should be borne in mind that they should fit properly in the design. An efficient braking system is also important. As the trailer would be carrying heavy items therefore automatic braking system would be most effective.

After all the planning has been done and appropriate tools and materials have been collected, its time to put ones mechanical skills to test. All the parts have to be assembled according to the blueprint.  The trailer has to be tested to root out the troublesome spots. Once that all the requisite tests and precautions have been taken the trailer is ready for use.

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