Building your own skateboard ramp means you won’t have any problem looking for a place to skate.

Required Materials

  • a piece of plywood 12mm thick and 600mm x 1200mm
  • a second plywood piece 6mm thick and 970mm x 600mm
  • 3 pieces of timber 45mm x 35mm x 576mm

Skateboard Ramp How to Build a Skateboard Ramp

Required Tools

  • drill
  • electric saw
  • glue
  • electric plane
  • screws and nails


  • Cutting the Wood – Cut the 12mm plywood into two right-angled triangles of identical size. The triangle base will be 900mm and the height will be 300mm. These two triangles will form the sides of the ramp.
  • Creating the Frame – Take a piece of framing timber and shape it with a plane to give it the same angle as the top edge of the triangles. After this, rivet the piece of timber to both sides of the triangles one by one, ensuring that all edges are now flush. Now put another piece of timber at the lower right-angle edge and rivet it into place. The third piece of timber should be placed in the middle of the triangle and also firmly riveted into place. When riveting, initially use only one rivet. When you are sure that both pieces are flat and square, rivet them in more firmly into a permanent position.

Skateboard Ramp 1 How to Build a Skateboard Ramp

  • Nailing it Down – Cut a piece of plywood from the leftover piece. Use an electric plane to contour one edge to a similar angle as the pointed end of the ramp. Glue this into the right spot and then nail it down firmly. The nails will hold the pieces in place while the glue is drying; you should not use rivets or screws as the plywood may split. The plywood should be placed above the frame and in line with the top and two sides.

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