Now that building costs are higher than ever and with the economy in a slump many folks are deciding to build their own homes and are seeking different ways to save cash. Constructing your own septic tank is one way to save a bundle. Please keep in mind that constructing your own septic tank is strictly regulated due to environmental and safety factors. Even so, building one is not nearly as difficult as it seems. Septic tanks contain wastes coming from your home and keep it stored to be broken down by organisms. You will find it much easier to go into the job with all your permit requirements satisfied and a solid plan in place. If you get stuck you can always call a professional.

Material needed:

  • Gravel and sand
  • Pvc glue and pvc piping and ends
  • String and pencil/paper
  • Tape measure
  • Paint brushes
  • Shovel, backhoe, surveying gear, measuring pole and stakes

Septic Tank How to Build a Septic Tank

Step One:

Once you have the proper permits from you local health and city authorities draw a beginning sketch of your complete property and give it to the local building and health officials. You will need their approval regarding test holes. Make sure that the sketch has all possible structures on the property, the numbers and locations of rooms, fences, transformers as well as geographical formations.

Step Two:

Dig your holes by following the instructions of the inspectors. You might want to consider having a professional help you with this. Allow the inspectors to check each hole once they are dug. And make sure to submit a soil sample for testing. They will determine the location of the tank and overall size. A black hole can be made with the use of the backhoe. Once the hole is complete, invite the inspectors out again for a look.

Step Three:

Now its time to place the stone and sand in the designated location. Follow your design plan as to tank drainage and distribution. The last step is to link the setup and the plumbing system of your home. Finally call the inspector for the last time to make sure everything is satisfactory and the paperwork is in order before you seal your pit

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