Are you looking for instruction manuals on how to build a rabbit hutch? Or are you seeking helpful tips to aid you in building your own rabbit hutch? If your answer to any of the above question is yes, your search ends here. In this article, you will get to know the tips and steps on how to build a rabbit hutch.

Rabbit hutches are made to replace the natural habitat of home reared bunnies. They should be cozy and large enough to accommodate the number of rabbits you have, as well as protect them from bad weathers if they are kept outdoors. By judging from the number of rabbits that you have, sketch a plan for the hutch with sufficient space for all of them. Rabbits reproduce quickly and you will want a larger rabbit hutch if you are planning to breed them. Estimate the measurements of the hutch and the amount of materials that you will need. Do consider using galvanized wire mesh or treated wood pieces instead of plywood as untreated wooden materials will absorb urine and water. It affects the cleanliness of the environment and it might cause the spread of diseases. Wooden hutches are also not as long lasting and easy to clean as galvanized wire mesh cages.

Rabbit Hutch How to Build a Rabbit Hutch

When you have gotten all your materials, you may start with the frame of the hutch. Secure the base piece and one of the side pieces together to form an L shape, and nail them together. For the base piece, you can use a large piece of wired mesh clamped in a wooden frame. The droppings will fall to the ground instead of soaking into the wooden base. Repeat the same step with the opposite side piece. Next, nail the back and top piece to the U shaped frame that you worked with earlier. You may want to sand the inner parts of the treated plywood sheets.

For the doors, lay a piece of mesh that is cut according to the measurements of your door and nail one side between two pieces of plywood. Repeat the same step with the other 3 sides. It should look like a mesh wire window with wooden side panels. Attach the door to the front of your main frame and affix the latch. A good rabbit hutch should have good air ventilation. Lastly, affix a hinged roof top and four legs to the frame. Hammer the legs to the ground where you would like to place the hutch.

You can also consider adding some extra accessories to the hutch, for example, a retractable pen to collect the waste of the rabbits so that cleaning up is easier for you, or maybe a partition. This is basically how to build a rabbit hutch.

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