To build a breathtaking pyramid like the Great Pyramid of Giza, it will take 20 years of construction without modern technology and million tones of stones. That is why pyramids are said to be one of the greatest architectural achievements of mankind. It would be rather impossible for us to reconstruct another majestic pyramid without the manpower and resources. Nevertheless, it is possible to build a miniature replica as a sculpture for our garden.

How to build a pyramid?

You might want to refer to real pyramid’s pictures or plans in order to sketch the plan of your mini pyramid. Based on the location where you are going to build the pyramid, decide on the measurements and the amount of raw materials that you are going to use. For the construction, you will need milk crates, plastic sheeting, nails (or staples), stock strapping, sand and wire.

Build a Pyramid How to Build a Pyramid

Level the land that you are going to work on because it requires a solid base to withhold the weight of your pyramid. If possible, use a vibrator and a surveying set-up to compact the soil. You will need to lay concrete and rebar if the pyramid is made to remain on the spot permanently. The surrounding landscape will have to be flattened out because it will take up a larger space (more than 5 times) for grading. Place the sides of the pyramid carefully as the corners have to be symmetrical. Place a plastic sheet above the cubes and check if the cubes are placed properly. Push in the blocks so that they are in the right position. Slice through intervals on the plastic sheeting to allow water drainage.

Next, place sand in between the cubes one at a time. If you intend to build a pyramid similar to the original architecture, create layers by arranging the cubes according to the plan so that you will have chambers and pathways. Make sure that the pathway that leads to the chambers are not covered. As you move from a layer to another, check if the layers and cubes are aligned accordingly. These are the basic steps of how to build a pyramid.

Pyramid 1 How to Build a Pyramid

Wire the cubes together to secure them in place. Proceed to the next layer by placing the four sides of the cubes half cube in from the previous layer. Pour sand in between cubes for the whole layer before you move on to the next. When you are done, make strapping with 45 degrees triangles to be fitted on the sides and in the middle of the layers. It should fit the edges of the pyramid perfectly. Cut plywood to the size of your pyramid to cover it up as a shield to the cubes. You may paint the pyramid as desired.

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