Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you would like to do some home improvements so that you can have a small intimate event with your family? Why not build a porch? It would be wonderful if you can gather around with your friends and family for this upcoming celebration. Furthermore, a new porch increases the value of your house, and you get to relax on the rocking chair during tea time. It is alright if you do not know how to build a porch as the article will guide you through step by step.

To build a porch, it requires more than one person. You can call along your son or a friend to help you with the workload. The first thing you need to do is to envision the design of the porch based on the measurements of the house and put it together as a plan. Consult a professional if you do not know how to estimate the quantity of the materials. Prep all the materials that you will need, such as cement, shovel, decking board, nails, footing clamps, sand, and foundation tubes. As for equipments, you need a hammer, circular saw, shovel, stakes, and a drill. If you need permits to build a porch, do acquire the required permits before proceeding.

Porch How to Build a Porch

Next, place the stakes at the two side corners and at the location you would like to place the stairs. Cut treated boards into 2 x 4 pieces and align them together to form a sill plate. Drill holes into the concrete floor and insert a plastic anchor. Secure and fasten lag bolts on the corners of the sill plates to the concrete floor. Concrete anchors can be used as weights. Attach 2 x 10 boards on to the sill plate and nail it 4 inches beneath the door. These ledger boards help in supporting the porch.

Attach joist hangers that are 16” on centre to the ledger board with galvanized screws. Slide the joists into place slowly. You might need to work in sections for a larger porch. Measure the length between the upper rail and the sill plate. Cut 2 x 2 decking board pieces and use galvanized screws to attach them to the joists. You already know the fundamental basics on how to build a porch.

Porch railings have to meet the safety regulations and it would be better to purchase premade ones off the rack and attach them to your porch. Readymade porch railings are available at home improvement stores.

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