A garden with good landscaping will not be complete without a pond. You can rear koi or gold fishes in the pond, and keep various water plants too. It gives gardens the sense of tranquility with the pleasant splashing sound of water. Professionals would definitely quote you expensive prices, so why not learn how to build a pond on your own? You can tailor make your own pond to your preferences of all shapes and sizes within your budget.

How to build a pond?

Obviously, these ponds are not portable, so you will need to find a suitable place to fit the pond in. Do not worry about regretting afterwards as the only thing you will regret about getting a pond is that the pond is not big enough. Put in your creativity and imagination or even brainstorm with your family members to come up with a blueprint. Check to see if your location is suitable to build the pond. You will not want to build near slopes or trees and damage the roots by digging into the soil. Use chalk to draw the outline of the pond.

Pond How to Build a Pond

Proceed with the excavation by digging 3 to 5 feet into the ground within the outline. Screen through the hole to check if there is anything that would damage the pool liner. For example, glass bits, stones with sharp edges and roots. Get the correct size of thick hard pool liner and place it over the hole. Start filling the pond with water and pull to remove the wrinkles on the pool lining as the water rise. You do not want wrinkles on the pool lining as it will be the habitat for algae and it is not easy to remove them. Place a few water plants in the pond to keep the pool lining submerged until there is no air between the lining and the soil.

Leave the edges of the lining as the barrier to prevent grass or soil from going into the pond. Cover it up with decorative stones or arrange pebbles along the lining. Affix the pump and hide the tubes with floating water plants. Place the pump hose on the bed and put on larger pebbles to hide the hose. Switch on the pump and to see if the pump is working. You may now decorate the pond by adding different species of water plants or even fishes into the pond. These ponds do require maintenance and you should have some fishes in the pond to prevent it from becoming the breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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