Pole barns are generally used to store haystacks or as a shelter for livestock. They are cost effective, relatively easier to build compared to other types of barns and sturdy. These barns are usually made of treated lumber or metal sheets. You do not need any specific knowledge in building in order to know how to build a pole barn. Basically a pole barn is made out of a few supporting poles and a covered roof top – that is why even novice builders are able to build pole barns.

Inspect your land and see if it is dry and compact enough to withstand the weight of your barn. You will want to build on dry land because it offers better stability. Conceptualize your plan by self questioning – what are the materials that you are going to use? What is the regulated distance between poles? How big do you want your pole barn to be? Draw an outline of your envisioned plan and calculate the materials needed. It requires treated lumbers, poles, roofing material and plywood sheets.

 How to Build a Pole Barn

First, place the wooden poles on the exact location where you are going to place them, about 5 – 10 feet apart from each other. If you are using metal poles, you will need to place the poles closer together. Excavate 3 feet deep holes to place the poles. The poles should be secured deep inside the soil so that it is stable enough to provide support. Place the poles in their designated holes and pour in concrete. Allow at least one day for the concrete to dry before you proceed to the next step. You may also recycle old metal poles and use them as a substitute to the wooden poles.

Next, brace the poles until they are secured in place. For a covered barn, pile up the materials like plywood sheets for the walls and make truss braces for every layer of materials you put on. You may include a barn door if it is needed. Then, install roof trusses. Place the first truss and support it with a pole and then brace the following trusses against the trusses before them. Nail in pieces of lumber (2 by 4 inch) onto the outer layer of the stringer to provide support to the trusses.

Lay the roofing material over the roof trusses and nail it to the trusses with long roofing screws. Overlap these metal sheets so that it prevents water from leaking into the pole barn. Overall, this is how to build a pole barn.

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