There are plenty of ways to decorate your empty-looking patio, but not all of them are practical and useful. If you have intentions to start up your own herbs or vegetable garden, you should learn how to build a planter. Go green today by using eco-friendly materials and build yourself a wooden tiered planter. It is space efficient, inexpensive, and it adds serenity to your deck. So let us move on to the steps on how to build a planter.

If there is only little space to spare, do not worry as the instructions below will show you the ways of building a tiered planter. For a two tiered square planter, you will need soil, composite plastic timber or any other treated timber like Vermont cedar that is suitable for planting, shovel, wheelbarrow, galvanized screws, as well as a plastic sheet to prevent water drainage. Form the mental picture of the two tiered planter that you are going to build. It looks like a square planter with another elevated planter in the top left corner.

Planter How to Build a Planter

With two pieces of 1 x 5 treated timbers, align them together to form an L shape. Secure them by affixing galvanized screws to the corner. Continue by attaching the third and fourth piece of timber to form a square frame. You should have a square frame by now. Move on to the construction of the second tier. Repeat the same steps to build a smaller square frame by using treated timber of two measurements – two pieces of 1 x 3, and two pieces of 2 x 3. Secure two pieces of 1 x 3 by screwing them together with galvanized screws. Apply wood glue on one end and place them over the top left corner of the big frame. Screw two pieces of 2 x 3 timbers together to form an L shape and then attach it to the top left corner of the big frame.

Planter 11 How to Build a Planter

Attach a piece of 5 x 5 treated lumber to the bottom of the frame as the base. Nail them at the ends where the lumbers overlap. Apply stain and water proof solution to the frame and paint if you’d like to. Allow the frame to dry for at least 24 hours before you pour in soil. Lay on a piece of plastic sheet to the base to prevent water drainage.

Lastly, pour soil into the tiers and plant your flowers or herbs. Water them twice a day. You can also add on a trellis to support your plants if it is needed.

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