Owning a cover for your patio can prove to be a valuable addition to your home. Naturally, it shades the patio, but did you know the shade from a patio cover can also serve to keep the interior of your home nice and cool by keeping the sun away from nearby windows? It takes at least 2 people to build one, so you might want to involve your entire family in the project. That way, all of you will know how to build a patio cover if or when you need one.

First of all, you will need to dig out 4 holes at least 18 inches deep from corner to corner of your patio for the posts. The distance between holes is usually 12 inches or less. Fill in approximately 3 inches of compacted gravel into each hole. Frames will need to be constructed to hold the post up while the cement dries. These can be constructed from 2″ x 4″ pieces of lumber and screwed together. Ensure that all the frames are level and flush with one another before the cement is poured.

Patio Cover How to Build a Patio Cover

4″ x 4″ pieces of lumber can be used to form the posts of your patio cover. It is up to you to decide the height of the posts you want, but most patio covers generally don’t extend more than 1 storey up and are usually 8 feet tall. One person is to hold the post upright in the anchoring hole while another mixes the quick-drying cement and pours it in the hole. Ensure the lumber is completely vertical with a level before moving on to the remaining 3 posts. Dirt can be packed around the cement once it hardens for a more aesthetically-appealing appearance.

The support beams are important, as you’ll find out in the course of learning how to build a patio cover. These are made from 1″ x 12″ lumber pieces that are the same length as the area covered by the support posts. One beam is attached to the roof line while the other is screwed to the support posts. Use 2-inch screws for this part of the project. Subsequently, the rafters are fashioned from 2″ x 4″ lumber pieces spanning the distance between the two beams.

After that is completed, you are now ready for the final part of the project, which is to install the roof. The roof of a patio cover can be made from heavy-duty corrugated plastic, prefabricated aluminum, wood, PVC or even metal screening. Nail it into place and you now have a nice, shaded place to hang out.

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