A paintball gun was originally used to mark trees and straying cattle. Now, however, it is an important piece of equipment in the game of paintball. For a paintball fanatic, constantly having to rent a paintball gun and related equipment can prove detrimental to the bank balance. Substantial savings can be made when one is in possession of instructions for how to build a paintball gun.

This project utilizes a quantity of PVC pipe. It should be noted here that all the PVC used in this project must have been pressure-tested, or else the user faces the risk of injury if the PVC ruptures.

Build a Paintball Gun How to Build a Paintball Gun

First of all, two lengths of PVC pipe 1 inch in diameter measuring 12 inches long have to be cut out. Ensuring that the pieces are the exact same length makes it easier for them to be connected. Any exposed thread on the PVC pipes should be covered with plumber’s tape before you proceed.

One of the 12-inch PVC pipes is to have two 1-inch diameter PVC elbows attached to it at both ends. The joins must first be primed with PVC primer before the sections are connected with PVC cement. The two elbows should face in identical directions.

For the second piece of 12-inch PVC pipe whose ends have already been primed with the prerequisite PVC primer, two PVC T-s measuring 1-inch in diameter are attached with more PVC cement. Once the PVC cement has cured sufficiently for the pipes joined to the elbows and T-s respectively, the two pieces are connected T-end to elbow-end with PVC primer and cement in order to form a box shape.

Paintball Gun 1 How to Build a Paintball Gun

In the next step of learning how to build a paintball gun, a 0.75-inch rubber nipple is attached to a 0.75-1 inch reducer that has been fastened to the open end of one of the PVC T-s. A 0.75-inch ball-valve is screwed to the nipple next. The barrel of the paintball gun, made from 1-inch PVC pipe in any desired length, although 3 feet is adequate, is in turn screwed to the ball valve. The tire valve is attached by drilling a hole in a 1-inch PVC end cap that is wide enough to fit the tire valve in. The tire valve is fit through the end cap and secured with glue.

While waiting for the end cap assembly to dry somewhat, cement a 9-inch length of 1-inch wide PVC pipe to an open end of one of the PVC T-s. Once that has dried, the end cap assembly is cemented to the end of the PVC pipe. The whole gun should be allowed to dry for up to 24 hours before being using, and a paintball gun should always be treated like an actual loaded gun.

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