Kite flying is a favorite past time for many people. It is just fascinating to watch it fly high up in the sky on a good weather. Many people, young and old alike, enjoy going to parks or gardens to enjoy kite-flying or just watch others attempt to fly theirs. If you’ve not tried flying one before, you should! This may very well turn into a lifelong hobby that will have you pursuing kite design and better flying skills. While it is easy and cheap to purchase a kite, custom-built ones will leave you proud and satisfied. Try this simple DIY project today with these tips on how to build a kite.

Though they take on many shapes and sizes, this article will guide you on how to build a simple, diamond kite. The materials and tools you need include thin garden twine, glue, scotch tape, a sheet of strong paper measuring by approximately 100cm on all four sides, two strong, thin wooden sticks or bamboo measuring approximately 100cm and 88cm each. Make a cross with both sticks, ensuring that they are placed symmetrically. Then, tie the sticks together using a fine but durable string. They should be at right angles to each other and securely attached to each other. You can also dab some liquid glue to keep it in place. Now, cut a notch at the end of both sticks. Wrap and loop the string around the stick. Stretch the string around the cross-piece and then finish by making a loop at the top of the stick. Trim off what you don’t need. They key here is to make sure that the string must be taut but not too tight.

Build a Kite How to Build a Kite

Then, place the stick frame atop the sail paper. Cut the paper, leaving only approximately 2cm for margin. You can then fold the edges over the frame and add some glue to secure its position.  Next, cut another piece of string approximately 120cm long. Connect one end of the stick to the other by tying a loop at the top and then at the bottom. At the cross-section will be the bridle, where the flying line is attached. Now, decorate your kite. You can add any motifs and even attach a small piece of string with ribbons at the bottom loop.

This is how to build a kite, the simple and cost-effective way. Have fun trying out this DIY project!

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