Isn’t it cool if you can be like a rock star and jump on the stage, strumming on your own handmade guitar? You can be your own luthier to build your dream guitar but it requires long term investment. A handmade guitar is very time consuming as it can take up months to build a high quality guitar and you will need to spend a lot of money on the tools. If you have good woodworking skills, the time and money to spare, it can be a very good hobby for you. But, what if you do not know how to build a guitar? Fret not as this article will tell you what to do to build your own guitar with a full set kit.

The first thing you will need to do is to sketch out the design of your guitar. Determine the desired sound, size, the type of neck and the bridges you want for the guitar. A vector drawing program can be very useful at this stage as it will accurately sketch all the components of the guitar. If you do not have a plan or design in your mind, you can always purchase guitar kits online. These kits are perfect for novice guitar builders who do not have the basic knowledge of how to build a guitar.  There are thousands of kits in different shapes and sizes for you to choose from. These kits usually come in precut pieces of eucalyptus or masonite wood and it will greatly reduce your working time.

Build a Guitar How to Build a Guitar

In the package you should have all the parts you need to build a guitar. You will need to apply model cement or glue to the pre-bent sides and attach them to the guitar’s base. Spread glue along the lining and beware not to put on too much glue as parts are very thin. Secure the pieces after applying the glue with wooden cam clamps and rubber bands. Let the glue set and dry up before you proceed to the next step. Repeat the same procedure to attach the top after inserting the body into the form.

Then, install the adjustable trust rod to the neck by applying glue and allow it to dry. Place the neck on the body and glue the thin piece of wood that comes in the kit to the metal part of the truss rod. It provides an even gluing space for the fingerboard and has to be scraped down to level with the guitar. Glue the fingerboard onto the neck and place the neck back to the body. It should be able to fit perfectly, otherwise, trim off the access wood with sand paper after the glue is completely dry. You will want to apply an extra coating of permanent finish for better protection.

Guitar 1 How to Build a Guitar

Install the bridge onto the correct position mentioned in the manual. Slot in the nuts and shape the saddle to the right height. Tune the guitar and you are ready to go!

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