A maze building in the garden is a wonderful way of how a family can spend some priceless time together. It gives satisfaction to be able to beautify one’s own home without much assistance from others and to gain further compliments from the neighborhood.  There are various types of mazes available ranging from simple to complicated ones. This depends on the number of paths that lead to the centre and also paths that branch off to other directions which lead to dead ends. They are often found in residential and recreational areas solely for decoration and entertainment purposes.  Shopping malls and hotel gardens have these built to attract more visitors. The following article explains how to build a garden maze that you can admire in the comfort of your own home. It is fun and enjoyable. Thus, waste no time and let your creative ideas start flowing.

Firstly, pick a spot in your home, preferably one that is sunny, open and spacious. Then, start deciding on the kind of maze that you favor. It could be from a simple one with only a single path from start to end or a complicated one with several paths leading to the end follow by many branches of dead ends.

 How to Build a Garden Maze

Once you have decided on the type, do a rough sketch of your maze on the graph paper with the right scales in place. You can choose from a variety of plants from corns to flowers for a garden maze or opt for the conventional choice, Boxwood. Do an initial pattern layout of your maze on the chosen ground by using either a rope or string. Ensure that the paths are wide enough for walking.

After that, you can start growing the plants you preferred to form the maze walls. The most important key to take note is to plan a good drainage system for your maze. You could consider digging shallow ditches at the side of the paths or make a slight rise in the center of the paths. Last but not least, after all the effort, you will need to tend to your maze at least once a week. Plants need to be trim from time to time to ensure that they do not overgrow. If your path is made of grass, you will need to mow and pull out weeds from it as often as possible.

Garden Maze 1 How to Build a Garden Maze

Building a garden maze is not that difficult with the extra presence of patience, commitment and perseverance. These are some of the ways on how to build a garden maze. Give yourself a try out today to make your home a more wondrous place to stay in.

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