Need a perfect hideout and where you can have fun with your kids? Team up with them, go ahead and make use of your kids’ imagination, creativity and innovation to put together a special place where they can call their own. Gather them together and build a fort and this is how to build a fort.

First, voyage around and check out your backyard to decide on where to build the fort.  If you want a tree fort, you will need a tree with strong sturdy branches and a good canopy of leaves to provide shade. For a ground fort, a large backyard will do. In this article, we will be focusing on forts on trees. Design your dream fort and draw out the blue print of it. Make sure that the size of the tree is appropriate and strong enough to withstand the weight of your children, as well as the fort.

Build a Fort How to Build a Fort

Estimate the amount of materials that you will need for the entire project. It will be even meaningful if you can use up recycled materials to instill the awareness among your children. For instance, canvas can be used as the roof material and straw mats can be used as windows and doors.

When you have acquired the materials, start with the flooring. Hammer the wood planks to the branches and form a strong base. Make sure the flooring is level and the wood planks must be securely nailed down to the branches. Secure straight wooden pillars at the four corners to form the frame of the fort. Include your children in the building process as it makes them feel involved. Assign small appropriate tasks to them and let them help out under your supervision.

Affix the wooden slabs onto the pillars as walls and remember to leave out sufficient space for your doors and windows. Inspect the base and walls to ensure that they are durable enough to support the weight of your children. Add on a ladder or tie knots with thick ropes for them to get in and out of the tree fort. Place the canvas over the top as a roof.

Add on finishing touches like painting and decorating the tree fort. Let your children have fun in decorating their fort with flags made out of old shirts or pillowcases, and also reuse large cardboard boxes as their tables. That is basically all about how to build a fort.

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