A deck box can be used to store various miscellaneous items from sports equipment to poolside toys and pillows. They are a useful addition to any deck area and a beautifully designed storage space can function as an accessory as well. Though they come in various sizes, shapes and colors, it is generally easy to build such a box. Determine how much and what do you plan to store for a clearer picture of its design. As always, a building plan is an important part of the whole building process. Choose better quality wood and determine the quantity needed, according the height, length and width. As they may be bulky in weight, remember to use gloves and also wear protective gear when you work on the wood. Outlined here are basic steps on how to build a deck box.

For the footing or foundation, you can use concrete slab by pouring cement into form and allow it to solidify. Determine the height of the box using a tape measure. The woods have to be in the same size for symmetry. You can also sand the wood for a smoother surface. Build the frames by taking the box’s measurement.

Deck Box How to Build a Deck Box

You will need four vertical wall beams for the sides. The frame can be formed by nailing the pieces together. Then, nail or screw them to the footings. To create the wall sections, measure and saw four precisely-measured pieces from the wood boards. You can either nail or screw them together. The walls should fit perfectly with each other. You can also add partitions to the inside of the box by inserting thin wood boards.

To prepare the lid cover, it should be slightly larger than the box. There needs to be holes for hinges both on the lid as well as on the box. Connect the hinges and fasten the screws. After the box is assembled into one piece, you can now proceed to the final step of painting or staining. If possible, apply a few layers of paint on the box evenly. You will need to wait for one layer to dry before proceeding to add the next layer. Painting is important because it helps to keep your box in good condition for a longer period of time.

Always remember to practice safety measures when handling dangerous tools such as saw and drill. Even when applying paint, wear a mask to prevent inhalation of harmful substances. Having a handle on the box can come in handy whenever you need to shift the box. Glue, nail or screw the handle bars onto the box. These are the steps on how to build a deck box.

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