The only way to fully enjoy the view on the deck or dock that you built with your own hands is by chilling out on a chaise lounge with a cold drink. You can even add to that smug, self-satisfied feeling by thinking of the useful skill you possess in knowing how to build a chaise lounge, the very one that you’re lying on.

Building a good chaise lounge starts with the right materials. Wood is preferred for its warmth and sturdiness. If you plan on leaving your chaise outdoors, oak is capable of withstanding the elements. However, teak, cherry and maple can also be used as long as they are adequately waterproofed.

Chaise Lounge How to Build a Chaise Lounge

Mark the length that is required on the lumber with a tape measure and pencil. The frame for the seat of the chair should be constructed from two 2″ x 4″ pieces of lumber measuring 6 feet long. The back rest is framed with two 2″x 4″ boards measuring 4 feet in length. The 2″ x 4″ lumber that forms the cross piece of the frame should be 2 feet long, although longer pieces can be used to build a wider chaise lounge. In the course of how to build a chaise lounge, it is best to sand and stain the cut wood before the assembly is carried out.

The dowel has to be cut to the same length as that for the back rest and with 4 inches of width added to it so that it matches the 2″ x 4″ boards. The panels that form the back rest proper should be cut from 1″ x 2″ lumber, while the seat is constructed from 1″ x 3″ boards.

The supports for the backrest should be attached at its base, i.e. where the backrest begins. The length of each of these two supports is determined by crossing from the top right of the back rest to its bottom left corner. Semi-circles are to be routed in these back rest supports and their spacing depends on what is most comfortable for you.

Chaise Lounge 1 How to Build a Chaise Lounge

The legs of the chair are cut out from four 2″ x 4″ boards, and it’s up to you to determine their height. The two armrests and their vertical supports also have to be cut out. As with the height of the chair, the length and height of the armrests is that which best suits you. To assemble the chair itself, screw the end-cap pieces on the frames to the side frames before attaching the legs with screws. Complete the chair by screwing in the backrest and seat. The horizontal support piece has to be nailed to the side of the seat frame before the back rest supports are attached with the dowels.

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