Fire has always played a big role in our lives. We use it to cook and keep warm, and nothing can beat the cheer that radiates from a fire crackling gently on a cold night. A brick fire pit is an alternative to having a fireplace in the home. More commonly situated in the rear outdoor portion of a home, it is an ideal way to bring friends and family closer to one another. It may look like an expensive addition to the home, but knowing how to build a brick fire pit can save you a lot of money in construction fees.

Ideally, the pit should be placed away from wooded areas or any place where flammable material might be found lying around. Fire pits can be round, oval or square. To begin the project, you will need to mark out the area first before digging out a pit about a foot down. It’s also acceptable to dig the fire pit pad only 2-4 inches deep as well, but the bottom of the pit must be level.

 How to Build a Brick Fire Pit

To create the base of the fire pit, you can either lay bricks down to prevent the fuel from coming into direct contact with the earth. The bottom can also be lined with 2″ x 4″ panels or rebar, but this is not advised if you plan to cook in your fire pit. The walls of the fire pit will also have to be lined with bricks or the lining material of your choice.

You can proceed with the next part of how to build a fire pit by building up its walls. The height of the walls is really up to you, but they shouldn’t be more than 2.5′ tall in order to ensure stability. Considering that most people will be sitting around the pit, a height of 2 feet is adequate. The wall of the pit is to be built before the pit itself is filled in. The mortar used to bind the bricks together and to the ground has to be mixed to the consistency of heavy whipped cream, though some would say cake frosting. Build the wall up layer by layer, making sure each brick is tapped into place before the next one is set down beside it. Check that each row is level with a spirit level. Remove any excess mortar.

 How to Build a Brick Fire Pit

Once the fire pit has reached the desired height, you can begin to fill it with more bricks and some mortar to provide an elevated base for your fire. Allow the mortar to cure completely before starting your first fire pit fire. Place a grill over the fire if you want to use it for cooking and keep a fire extinguisher nearby as a safety precaution.

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